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One-on-one personal training from the privacy of your own home.

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One-on-one coaching to meet your nutritional needs.

nutrition consulting

One-on-one coaching for the plant-based or plant-curious community.


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Group personal training sessions from the privacy of your own home.


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About Me:


My name is Danielle and I am a Certified Personal Trainer. I am also certified in Bodybuilding, Nutrition and Plant-Based Nutrition.


Prior to my certifications, I had spent most of my life working out, but my diet wasn't that great; it was the typical twenty-something-year-old habits filled with fast food, alcohol, and pretty much anything I could get my hands on.

In my late twenties, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, IBS, SIBO, and a slew of other gastro-intestinal diseases. I couldn't understand why this was happening to ME! Sure, I had neglected my body, but many of my friends did the same, so why was I the one suffering?

Through some extensive research, I found a few peer-reviewed studies that pointed toward the correlation between high animal-product diets and the growth of cancer cells. Immediately, I switched to a primarily plant-based diet. Thankfully, after the switch, combined with a partial thyroidectomy, my cancer was removed, and hasn't returned.

Since then, I have removed almost all processed foods and drinks from my diet and have seen tremendous results. I understand it can be hard for people to make such an extreme switch, which is why I don't pressure a fully vegan diet on anyone who is not interested.

Through my nutrition and plant-based nutrition education, I have found a great balance for vegans as well as the plant-curious, in which I cater to each of my clients individually. Whether you're new to the health and fitness realm, or have had years of experience, I'm here for you! Let's get started!