Kitchen Tools

Air Fryer: Air fryers are a quick, easy way to make healthier meals without oil; just don't follow the recipes in the booklet that comes with your fryer. For some odd reason, many of these include extra oils and saturated fats (whyyy though?!?!?)

Baking Sheets: I always keep a few of these around --  especially during the holiday season.

Bottle Opener: Even if you don't drink, it's nice to have a bottle opener around.

Cake Pans: I like to have one 8-9" round pan and at least one rectangular pan.

Can Opener: This one is a must!

Coffee Grinder: A coffee grinder is good for grinding more than just coffee! I use it to grind seeds as well!

Food Processor: A food processor, usually electronic, is a device used for fine chopping or pureeing foods.

Grater: A grater is good for more than just cheese. I love to use my grater to make citrus zests.

Knives and Sharpener: A small variety of knives is good to have. You don't need to get too crazy here.

Mandolin: A mandolin is great for making uniform slices. Many come with attachments for different style slices.

Measuring Spoons and Cups: I would recommend getting one liquid measure and a set of spoons and cups for dry measure.

Mixing Bowls: I like to have a few sizes of bowls around -- 3 or 4 is usually sufficient.

Muffin Pans: Muffin pans are great for muffins, cupcakes, small pies, pizza bites, vegan quiche and much more!

Panini Grill: I found my panini grill at Target for under $40. I love to use it for sandwiches, burritos and even grilled onions! No flipping required!

Peeler: Peelers are great for potatoes, apples, carrots etc. I use a basic, non-electronic, hand-held peeler.

Pizza Slicer: I use a standard hand-held wheel slicer. It's the easiest way to make uniform slices.

Potato Masher: I use my potato masher for more than just potatoes. It's also good for mashing tofu for scrambles or walnuts for baking.

Pots and Pans: A decent range of sizes and types is good. I prefer non-stick. I got my set of Circulon pots and pans at Costco for about $200.

Slow Cooker: AKA Crock-Pot. I use mine for slow-cooking soups and stews. You can put ingredients in and let them cook overnight.

Spatulas: A flipping, or turning spatula, a scraper spatula and a pizza spatula are essential.

Standing Mixer: My favorite standing mixer is by KitchenAid. Standing mixers are great for combining, mixing and folding ingredients together.

Strainer: This is very useful for rinsing canned items like beans as well as fresh produce.

Tongs: Tongs are good for easily picking up and flipping hot foods from pots, pans or the grill.

Vitamix: A Vitamix is like your food processor, blender and grinder combined. It is a very powerful machine, and almost a must in a vegan kitchen!

Wire Racks: Wire racks allow the cooking process to slow down when hot items like cookies are removed from the oven.

Whisk: A wisk is good for more than just eggs. I use mine to aerate foods for baking.