True Nutrition is by far the highest quality, highest protein-to-calorie ratio and lowest price supplement company that I have tried or  worked with. They allow you to customize your own powders by base (I like pea or soy), flavors, "boosts" and more. The packaging is flexible (rather than a tub), which allows for easy transportation and storage. You can specify "vegan" in the diet filter tab.

After selecting your base, go to the "Options" tab, where you can add single flavors, flavor combinations and so much more. You can also select whether you want the flavor to be "light", "regular" or "heavy" (I like "heavy"). These don't add calories, by the way! After you create your protein, you can name it and save it to your profile! When you receive your protein powder, it has a QR code which allows for easy reordering.

In addition, use coupon code "VeganDanielle" at checkout for a discount!


Here's a video on my review of the True Nutrition!

My Favorite Supplements


Soy Protein Isolate

Pea Protein Isolate


Don't forget to use code "Vegan Danielle" at checkout!

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