Recipe Terminology

Knowing what words mean in a recipe is half the battle!

Here, I have created a list of the most popular terms to help you through your recipes.

Baste: To brush or pour a liquid over food as it cooks.

Beat: To mix ingredients thoroughly, using a consistent wrist-rotating motion.

Blanch: to drop food into boiling water for a short period of time.

Blend: To mix ingredients thoroughly.

Brown: To literally brown the surface of an item by baking, broiling, toasting or frying.

Bread: To cover a food with bread crumbs or flour -- usually before frying.

Broil: to cook in an oven under direct heat.

Brush: To spread a coating on top of food.

Caramelize: To cook an item until slightly brown and sugary.

Chill: To cool a food down, usually using a refrigerator or freezer.

Chop: To cut food into small pieces.

Combine: To merge two or more ingredients, creating a mixture.

Cool: To allow a warmer food to reach room temperature.

Cream: To beat until creamy and soft.

Cube: To cut food into small squares, keeping them as symmetrical as possible.

Dice: To cut food into small pieces.

Dilute: To add water.

Dissolve: To mix a solid ingredient in with a liquid, allowing the two to become a mixture.

Dredge: To cover or roll with a dry ingredient.

Flake: To break into small pieces, using a fork

Flour: To cover, or dredge with flour.

Fold in: To combine 2 or more mixtures by carefully cutting through the mixture and folding it over.

Grate: To rub food on a grater.

Julienne: To cut into long thin strips.

Knead: To work dough by pressing and folding until dough becomes smooth and combined.

Marinate: To soak food in a mixture (usually an oil, an acid and spices) prior to cooking.

Melt: To apply heat to change a solid food to a liquid.

Mince: To cut food into very small pieces, usually using a fast chopping knife motion.

Mix: To combine ingredients by stirring.

Pare: To cut a thin layer of peel from a vegetable or fruit.

Pit: To remove the seeds from a fruit.

Poach: To cook gently in a liquid just below boiling point.

Puree: To press, grind or mash food until it becomes a thick, smooth, lump-free consistency.

Reconstitute/Re-hydrate: To add water to a concentrated or dry food to return it to its natural state.

Reduce: To lightly cook a liquid until moisture evaporates, resulting in a thicker version of that liquid.

Saute: To use a very hot pan and a low amount of oil to cook a food quickly.

Score: To make thin surface cuts on a food.

Shred: To tear or grate food into long pieces.

Sift: To put dry ingredients, usually sugar or flour, through a fine sieve.

Simmer: To gently cook in a liquid below its boiling point.

Stir: To mix ingredients together in a circular motion.

Toast: To use an oven or toaster to brown food, usually bread.

Toss: To use a spoon and fork to lightly tumble ingredients, usually a salad.

Whip: To beat rapidly, incorporating air to increase volume and fluffiness.