Who is "Vegan Danielle"?

If you've been following my podcast (or even my website), you probably have a few words to describe me: female, vegan, activist and I'm sure a few others that are more cringe-worthy, but what do you really know about me?

I could write my whole life experience in blog format (oh wait, we tried that) but there's a lot, and honestly, it would feel redundant starting that again. So, instead of flipping back to old, stale pages in my Book of Life, why don't we start with this current chapter?

So who is "Vegan Danielle" today? Man, this is a question I've asked myself for many many years (sans "vegan"). I've always kind of felt like some sort of "lost soul" trying to figure out life and "find myself", then one day, someone asked me, "Instead of trying to find yourself, why don't you just create yourself?"

That hit me.

I didn't know the answer, but "creating myself" was something I felt like I was always doing, until the day I gave up. The day that I was defeated by substance addiction, the fast life, and everything else around me. But that happened over 7 years ago, so what's stopping me now?

I. Don't. Know.

A little over a decade ago, I felt on top of the world. I went from homeless to the Playboy Mansion, and from wearing hand-me-downs to Christian Dior. But of course, my bad decisions caused me to lose it all. This time around was the first time I attempted to get a "real job" and live a "normal life" (you know, the whole pay your taxes and don't run from the cops thing?) Yeah... that.

So, today I'm doing just that. I work M-F, 9-ish to 5-ish at a totally "normal" job. And, I LOVE IT! But, I've always got it in the back of my mind that I could still be doing more. But... what? Aside from my job, I volunteer at sanctuaries, record my podcast, donate to charities... All of which I love, but what else is there? Where would Danielle be best suited?

Things I've considered:

- Write a book about my life (but, who would read it?)

- Start a blog (what the hell do I even write about?)

- Open a small vegan cafe (but, where?)

- Become a speaker (but, what about my stage fright?)

- Become a bikini competitor (actually working towards that now, but that's more of a hobby)

That's a lot of "buts". If I were to analyze my own behavior I'd say I was afraid of success, and maybe my logical self is correct. The last time I had great success, I fell, and I fell hard. So, instead of taking giant leaps, it's more comfortable for me to just stay here. It's almost like I'm looking for something to just come my way, because then if it doesn't work out, at least it wasn't something I went looking for.

Anyway, enough thinking out loud. I started this blog because I enjoy writing; it's always been one of my stronger qualities. I figured it was a good start to answering the question "Who is Danielle?"

So, until I figure out a good topic to write about, bye for now!

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