256: Chemical Free Body

with Tim James


"If it flies, it dies, if it's brown, it's down". This was a phrase Tim James grew up using in his earlier days.

Today, Tim James is the founder of Chemical Free Body; the mission-based organization that is passionate about helping everybody ignite their highest excitement in life by putting themselves and their health first!

After suffering from multiple health issues, including rectal bleeding, two separate skin issues, chronic acid indigestion and surgery to remove one of his organs due to serious digestive issues, Tim knew something had to change. But it was only after the untimely death of his younger brother that he finally decided to take action. His journey led him to a shocking discovery about the human body that is

revolutionizing the way we live.

In this episode, Tim talks about how he turned his meat-eating, unhealthy-habit-following past into a clean, plant-based, chemical-free life!

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Chemical Free Body:
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Chemical Free Body FAQ's (FAQ-SUPPORT - Chemical Free Body):

Why is Green 85 Juice Formula good for me?

Green 85 Juice Formula is great for everybody! It is the catalyst that will help you get the results and the energy you are looking for. It is an organic all-in-one superfood blend that provides your body with a rainbow of nutrients, probiotics for good gut bacteria and enzymes for balanced digestion.

Is Green 85 Juice Formula for everyone?

Green 85 Juice Formula is carefully created for everyone in the family, kids, grandparents, pregnant and nursing women, etc. Our unique all-in-one superfood blend has the proper amount of each ingredient to be taking daily even multiple times daily to provide the body with a balanced symphony of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and phytonutrients for a boost of energy, immunity and mental clarity. Green 85 Juice Formula helps our bodies detox naturally which can also help you jumpstart weight loss and keep it off forever.

Why is Green 85 Juice Formula the best superfood blend in the market?

Because it allows you and your family have the health benefits of over 23+ ultra concentrated superfoods at an inexpensive cost saving you a lot of time as well. Imagine trying to gather all 23+ ingredients listed and juice them then clean the juicer. That would take 45 minutes a day and would cost on average $6-$8 per juice.  Green 85 Juice Formula, all-in-one superfood blend has all that plus probiotics and enzymes! At an affordable price (under $1.74 per juice) and you can make this healthy Juice in under 60 seconds!

How many calories and sugar are per serving?

There is 20 calories per serving and only 1 gram of sugar. By law we had to put 1 gram since its the smallest measurement allowed for sugar since there is a tiny amount that comes from plants. We use monk fruit which is a naturally occurring ZERO SUGAR sweetener and raspberry extract to flavor Green 85 Juice Formula. End result is a green powerhouse nutrition drink with low calories, low sugar and a earthy, tasty flavor.

What does "Green 85" mean?

We named this amazing superfood blend “Green 85” because it replaces the roughly 85% of nutrients missing in soil and in our food … most of us are literally going through life on about 15% fuel. The all-in-one Green 85 Juice Formula is the perfect green fuel that contains 100% organic ingredients that help with the daily detox, boost energy, weight loss, it’s just replaces what is missing and is a natural combination that your body will thrive on!

Why is being "chemical-free" important?

Manmade chemicals accumulate in our bodies, lower immunity, cause weight gain and a whole host of other issues. Every umbilical cord study since 2005 shows over 250 chemicals found in the blood of newborns and young mothers and many of them cause major health issues. Green 85 Juice Formula is 100% pure as nature intended to be for you. It only contains ethically sourced organic ingredients that are gently dried under 110 degrees to preserve nutrients in each of the 23+ superfoods. Also, we are very proud to be certified with the Naturally Occurring Standards Group (NOSG) label which is way beyond the organic labels today.  This means that all of the ingredients in GREEN 85 naturally occur in nature. We also pride ourselves that we use zero chemical binders, fillers or flow agents such as magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, di-calcium phosphate. All you will ever get from us is pure products that make it easy for you to plug back into nature and feel the way your suppose to everyday…  amazing!

Why are probiotics and enzymes so crucial for overall health?

Because gut health is foundational for your overall health, the foods that we have available nowadays many times lack probiotics and enzymes which are vital for balanced digestion, eliminating bloating, regular bowel movement, weight loss, giving a super boost to your immune system and energy levels. And lets not forget the GUT-BRAIN connection. Happy Gut = Happy Brain.  You will really enjoy the enhanced mental clairty and feeling of happiness that comes from a healthy gut!

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