254: Socially Responsible Investing

with Stephan Kerby


Stephan Kerby entered the profession of Financial Advising after a variety of life experiences and created a desire to learn more about personal finance. After years of research, he started to realize that he had greater purchasing power to help the animals and the environment in the realm of investing, rather than solely purchasing vegan products.

Stephan began his career in financial planning in early 2000. In 2009, he started his own firm, IFB Wealth Management and became an independent financial advisor. He is passionate about Socially Responsible Investing and animal advocacy.

In this episode, Stephan discusses some of the basics of investing and gives us a few tips and tricks on how to make our dollars count!


Stephan's Links:

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/youarethechangenow
About Stephan: http://www.kmfadvisors.com/Socially-Responsible-Investing-SRI.6.htm
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdtMk9AGBkI2Y8ojAERsMPA
Website: www.youarethechange.net
Book: https://www.amazon.com/Stephan-Kerby/e/B07WSRR1QX/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_book_1

More about Stephan (from his website):

Stephan has had many professional roles in his life: professional basketball player, college basketball coach and trainer, primitive skills survivalist, founding board member of TrueChampion Ministry, and Business Partner and Director of the Socially/Sustainable and Responsible Investments Division at KMF Advisors. But his most cherished roles are as a husband to his wife, Amber, a father to his children, Keigan and Kaya, and owner of two great dogs, Bella and Marley.

Stephan Kerby’s passion is clearly seen in his desire to educate others about financial topics, especially in the area of Socially/Sustainable and Responsible Investing. Whether Stephan speaks to youth or adults, large or small crowds, at companies, churches or schools, he has a way of connecting and engaging with everyone. Stephan has an incredible ability of taking complex (and sometimes “boring”) financial concepts and explaining it in a format that is easily understood, and even enjoyed, by individuals from all stages of their investment journey. Stephan reaches people in a way that is down to earth, challenging, and motivating as he feels this is the most effective way to encourage people to take real action. Stephan is a sought-after speaker in many parts of the country. He has spoken in Kentucky, Iowa, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Maine, Ohio, Florida, and Colorado just to name a few. Stephan spent 18 years as an Independent Advisor/RIA before partnering with longtime friend and Founder of KMF Advisors, Brad Davis, to run their Socially/Sustainable and Responsible Investment division.

More about Stephan's Book, "You Are The Change: A Beginner's Guide To Socially Responsible Investing":

With the objective of making complex information more accessible, the author, Stephan Kerby has created a guide to socially responsible investing and shareholder advocacy that accomplishes that goal. This guide is a beneficial read for any investor regardless of income level, religion, or political affiliation. The strategies presented in these pages are versatile and applicable in many different areas of the movement toward greater social responsibility. This is where financial security meets global accountability.

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