251: Latino y Vegano

with Roger Smith


Roger Smith is a vegan lifestyle coach, athlete, entrepreneur, and a computer science major with almost two decades of living a vegan lifestyle!

His journey started in 2002 while living in Panama. His endeavors include hosting podcasts or IG lives, helping people transition to a vegan lifestyle, fitness and motivational speaking.

In this podcast, Roger shares his journey of inspiration of both the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking audiences!

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More About Roger (from his website):

Roger Smith is an athlete, entrepreneur, and computer science major, with almost two decades living a vegan lifestyle! His journey started back in 2002 while still living in Panama.

His endeavors include hosting podcasts, digital marketing, fitness, and motivational speaking. Roger hosts the  podcast from Houston, Texas, Whether it is one on one, or a crowd; whether locally, or internationally, Roger enjoys discussing all things vegan, in Spanish or English.

Roger’s mission is to uplift, embrace and promote Veganism among the Latin American culture. He is a voice for the voiceless, while educating millions of people along the way.

Roger has been showing through his bodybuilding career, travels, and home recipes, how people can thrive with a vegan lifestyle! Now, his mission is to reach even more people, and to increase awareness about the amazing benefits that await them.

Most recent Roger completed his Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell.

More About Roger's Podcast (from his website):

Latino Vegano (Latin Vegan) podcast began when the author and host sought to answer his own question: Where can Latinos go for information and inspiration about the vegan lifestyle – in Spanish? Latino Vegano is now that place!

The creator realized how difficult it was to find credible sources about the vegan lifestyle in Spanish. So, he decided to use his computer science experience, his background with radio and dj, along with ton of passion, to bring this podcast to life!

With this podcast, we want to bring the Latin and non-Latin vegan community to the forefront. As much of Latin culture is rooted in a sense of community, Latino Vegano helps to bridge that gap by inviting others to share knowledge,, our favorite Latin recipes, and encourage each other in all aspects of the vegan lifestyle: from health, to the environment, to animal welfare.

Latino Vegano includes many special guest and influencers that are doing great things, from new vegans, to veterans vegans. The show offer tons of content, stories, discussions, funny moments, questions, answer, activism, business owners, combined with great tips and hacks. We just want to share love, peace, and share with the world how vibrant it is to be “Latino y vegano”.

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