250: Why go Vegan

with Alan Twigg


Alan Twigg is the author of "Why Go Vegan" and the creator of the recently finished "Plant-Based Heroes" online course.

He was born and raised in the former industrial city of Sheffield in the north of England and dropped out of school at a young age to become a truck driver. Unable to afford the mortgage, he started his first successful business at the age of 24. Just 5 years later he gave it all up to move to Germany after meeting and falling in love with his wife of many years, Susanne.

After lots of encouragement from his daughter, Alan took up a vegan lifestyle nearly 5 years ago. He’s passionate about encouraging and motivating others to consider a vegan and more mindful lifestyle, especially those from a working-class background like his own.

In this episode, Alan talks about going vegan at a later age than some, and how it has benefited his life since!

Alan's Links:
Website: https://alantwigg.org/
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/alantwigg

Online Course: https://alantwigg.org/landing-page/
Audio Book: https://alantwigg.org/product/why-go-vegan-audio-book/

More About Alan's Book (from his website):

This simple easily-digestible (audio) book holds the key to your health and happiness. Don’t put it down! (You need to hear this).

Peter is 53 years old and about to experience the greatest paradigm shift of his life. His journey begins after a serious life-threating incident one day at work. In despair at what the future holds, Peter gradually awakens and discovers the shocking truth about something so commonplace we all believe it’s normal, natural and necessary.

Along the way, Peter discovers that the path to health, peace and happiness is not where he thought it would be, so he follows a different, hidden path. On his journey we follow Peter as he meets the Nutritionist, the Marathon Runner, the Farmer, the Lads in the Pub, the Environmentalist and the Yogi. These intriguing and enlightened characters act as guides for Peter as they share their wisdom about lifestyle choices and adopting a plant-based vegan diet.

Each of these encounters takes Peter closer and closer to a new awareness of what is really going on.

This story is intended to encourage the listener to think more deeply about health, animals, climate change and the environment. It’s revealing, shocking and inspiring, yet its lessons are easily applicable for everyone.

This book is for those looking to improve their health in a natural but incredibly powerful way. It’s for those who have or know someone with heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, brain disease, digestive cancers, high-blood pressure, liver disease, kidney disease and almost any chronic illness.

But it’s also a book for those who have already taken up a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle and discovered the core message of this book but are now looking to inspire or motivate a friend or loved one to make the change that they need.

More About Alan's Course (from his website):

What the Course Offers You:

First of all, If you've made it this far and you're reading this, congratulations! Most don't! If you're anything like I was a few years ago, you've probably reached a point in your life where you feel that it's time to change.

But maybe you're feeling hesitant because you're worried that it will be too difficult, that going plant-based will mean giving up too much or that your social life will suffer? Perhaps you're wondering where you will get your protein, whether you'll have less energy or will have to be in the kitchen cooking all the time?

Or could it be that you're struggling with changing unhealthy eating habits, not sure how to get started or wondering where to go for recipes? Maybe you're asking yourself how a plant-based diet could improve your health, help you to lose weight or even sleep better?

Whatever your concern, this course has got you covered. My motivation for making this course was to motivate you into making the wonderful life-changing transition to a plant-based diet that is fantastic for your health, that shows compassion for the poor animals and that helps to save our planet.   

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