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with Rick Scott


Rick Scott is a sports and entertainment public relations executive, a hockey player and a former bike racer. He has been plant-based for thirty years and has a passion to pursue greatness!

Rick also has columns on Switch4Good, Jane Unchained and Vegan Magazine and is the co-founder of Vibrant NRG; a platform that aims to educate and inspire others to live vibrant lives by achieving health and fitness goals while adopting a plant-based diet.

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More about Rick (from Vibrant NRG):

"A creative and compassionate music, sports and entertainment public relations executive, Rick began representing vegan/animal nonprofit organizations a few years ago to purposely align his work with his core values. Plant based for 30 years, Rick is a hockey player and former bike racer based in Los Angeles who trains and competes daily with athletes who struggle to keep up with the vegan powerhouse. Whether on the ice, on the bike or in the gym, his training partners have always been elites, pros and Olympians because his infectious energy, enthusiasm, heart and hustle enable him to push them to the limit. His passionate pursuit of greatness is plant powered and age does not define him. A captivating and heartfelt storyteller, he pens columns for the Switch4GoodJane Unchained and Vegan Magazine websites that present facts, debunk myths and confront issues common to vegan athletes and anyone on a plant-based diet."


As athletes, we spend time regularly dealing with inflammation. It may be an ice pack on a sore muscle or a bruised limb or wearing compression clothing after a game, race or workout to enhance the recovery process. Inflammation comes with the territory and each athlete learns to manage it. Everybody, not just athletes, is impacted by inflammation, some of which is beneficial and healing while other types of inflammation are harmful, serious and life-threatening. What we eat and drink can cause inflammation in the body that may lead to chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, arthritis and autoimmune disease.

“Inflammation is a double-edged sword,” said Dr. Vivian Chen, a former allopathic doctor who now teaches and empowers individuals to be in charge of their own health and healing via Plateful Health (https://www.platefulhealth.com/). “In the acute situation, for example, if you have a cut or you burn yourself, acute inflammation brings the necessary cells to the wound to help the body repair and regenerate. In an ideal world, once the body has healed, the inflammation calms down and the body goes back to harmony. Sometimes, however, the inflammation doesn’t go away and instead turns into chronic inflammation where the body thinks there is still (healing) work to be done and keeps sending inflammatory cells into tissues. This is when chronic diseases and pain can ensue because the inflammatory messengers can recruit cells that cause tissue damage, disrupt hormonal signaling and release, with a whole host of symptoms such as eczema, fatigue and arthritis.”

Each day in training and competition, an athlete breaks down muscle and attempts to repair it as fast as possible through nutrition and rest in order to be able to train or compete again the next day. If the foods we eat are creating and/or increasing inflammation in the body, those foods are delaying the body’s ability to heal and recover, thereby adversely impacting athletic performance in addition to damaging the body’s overall health.

Despite what we were told while growing up or have seen in advertising campaigns, dairy products are among the most harmful and inflammatory inducing – especially if you are among the 65% of the human population that has a dairy intolerance or allergy.

View Full Article here: https://janeunchained.com/2020/01/14/inflammation-may-hurt-more-than-just-your-athletic-performance/

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