239: YogiTriathlete

with Jess Gumkowski


Jess Gumkowski has had over 15 years of experience working with athletes on body/mind mastery. She is a well-respected meditation and mindset coach within the endurance and ultra-endurance sports community. She is also the author of the YogiTriathlete Cookbook: High Vibe Recipes for the Athlete Appetite as well as High Vibe Pie: Pizza Night Finally Done Right.

Jess has been featured in Triathlete Magazine, Men's Journal, Elephant Journal, Massage Magazine and TriZone, as well as many blogs and podcasts for her expertise in holistic health and nutrition.

In this episode, Jess shares her personal journey and how she made the connection between Ahimsa (the practice of non-violence) and veganism. She also shares tips and tricks on how we can be more in tune with the present as well as how we can quiet our minds to prepare for meditation.

To learn more about Jess and Yogi Triathlete, check the links below:

Website: http://www.yogitriathlete.com
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/yogitriathlete | http://www.instagram.com/jessgumkowski

YogiTriathlete Cookbook: High Vibe Recipes for the Athlete Appetite: Amazon
M21 Revolution: https://www.facebook.com/groups/M21Revolution/

More About Yogi Triathlete (from the website):

Jess and BJ are co-founders of YogiTriathlete and lead coaches for Team YogiTriathlete. They combine tried and true endurance training philosophy with a what they consider to be the real mindset training.

They are proof that when we train the mind we can live a life beyond limits. YogiTriathlete is on a mission to create a better world and Jess and BJ live what they coach every single day.

In 2016, Jess and BJ sold their dream home, got rid of most of their material possessions and hit the road to raise awareness that living a more vibrant life is within reach for all.

More About Jess' Mindset Training (from the website):

Athletes are tailor-made to train their mind because they already have the discipline it takes to succeed. Most athletes just don’t know where to begin or what even constitutes “true” mental training.

Coach Jess is, what we call, a Meditative Badass. Tough as nails and soft as silk, she came out of the womb ready to live on the edge. In her coaching, Jess combines evidence-based material science and quantum physics with the ancient yogic science of the mind. The foundation of the mindset training she provides is meditation and it’s tailored to each individual athlete.

She has worked with Olympic hopefuls, Ironman World Championship qualifiers, Ultraman champions, professional athletes, politicians, professional executives and newbie athletes. She is training the minds of high-performers all over the globe.

To work with Coach Jess means you will adopt a regular meditation practice. Meditation can reduce stress levels, which is key if you’re pushing yourself in training and even more important to help with those race-day jitters. Athletes who meditate report better sleep, better recovery times and an enhanced immune system. Meditation has also been proven to aid in coping with pain and dealing with fear, two concepts that can hold you back in accomplishing your training goals.

Jess has been on both sides of spectrum. Once chronically-stressed and overwhelmed, she credits mindset training and meditation for transforming everything about her life including performance in sport. She skillfully articulates the teachings in a manner that is easily understood and applicable for modern day living.

Jess conducts mindset coaching through a variety of mediums including FaceTime, Skype and Google Hangout. All you need is a strong internet connection, web camera and working audio with built-in microphone.

Training the mind is an inside job but the guidance of a coach like Jess offers great support for the journey.

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