233: The Plant Riot

with Rachel Steenland


Rachel Steenland is better known online as "The Plant Riot". She is the creator and mastermind behind thousands of amazing (and simple) plant-based recipe creations! In this episode, Rachel explains how and why she was first introduced to the idea of veganism, plus gives new chefs a few tips and tricks for plant-based cooking!

Website: http://www.theplantriot.com
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/theplantriot
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theplantriot
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/theplantriot/

More About Rachel:

Rachel grew up thinking that "eating animals was weird"; she kind of always had an adversion to the idea. But, since she was influenced by her parents, society, and everything else in between, like most kids, she ate them anyway.

Over the years, she decided she didn't want to eat them anymore. Unaware of what happened in animal agriculture, she continued eating dairy and eggs, until she started realizing what was going on.


When Rachel realized only mother cows produced milk, and made the connection that chicken eggs were literally the unfertilized genetic material being eliminated from a chicken's rear end, that was it for her.


Today, she creats simple, yet stunning plant-based recipes that anyone can follow. Although she has the talent and love for complex meals, her goal is to make food than anyone can create! For easy recipes, IG Live videos, and tons of fun, be sure to check out her social pages listed above!


The Plant Riot website also features fun blogs and articles for ideas on how to minimize food waste, create food for your non-vegan friends and family, and even how to create infused, refreshing waters with no added sugar!


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