225: The Plant Remedy

with Chef Bai


Chef Bailey Ruskus, also known as "Chef Bai" comes from a long line of butchers, and her grandfather was a chef. She is a classically French-trained chef and her background greatly influenced her love for creating recipes and sharing food with her family. This passion led her to culinary school, $100,000 in debt and the "skills" to break down whole animals and cook their meat; none of which serves her much purpose today.

Since Bai was a young teen, she suffered from horrific female symptoms from heavy bleeding, to cramping, to sharp abdominal pains. She dealt with 15 years of chronic pain. Later in life, after many tests and prescriptions, she discovered she had endometriosis. Through her own research and switching to a plant-based diet, Chef Bai was able to cure herself and live a normal life, free of endometriosis symptoms!

Today, Bailey has dedicated her life to helping others heal themselves through food. She has worked with patients with Type 2 Diabetes, autoimmune disorders, cancer, heart disease and many others. She also has an online program that combines all of her personal research and work with patients, which allows her to work with others who want to heal themselves through plant-based cooking!

Bai states that the reason she wakes up in the morning with a smile on her face, is because she gets to constantly develop a fun and progressive approach to health through plant-based foods. She believes that food is built on love and traditions, and wanted to bridget the gap between comfort food and health.

She often finds herself making cookies as a remedy to her bad days, which reflects on her childhood obsession with cooking. In fact, at 11 years old, she had her first kitchen job at a local bakery.

Chef Bailey is on a mission to make clean eating a reality for others, and she's sure to make certain everyone has fun doing it!

*By the way, I should've never doubted myself; the large avocados referenced at the end of the podcast are indeed known as "Fuerte Avocados".*

Check out Bailey's website for podcasts, recipes, resources and more! Chef Bai offers intimate cooking classes that will leave you inspired, satisfied and ready to be your own chef. She invites you to bring friends, employees, kids or really anyone who could enjoy the art of cooking.

Chef Bai teaches how to balance flavor, properly use knives, master recipes, and learn the flow of your own kitchen -- all while cooking with plants. By combining classic cooking techniques with modern plant-based holistic knowledge, she teaches you how to develop your everyday cooking skills. Her classes will teach you how to get the best nutrition for your body. You will also receive a personalized menu with the availability to learn, ask culinary questions and dive into the art of cooking!

For more information, check the links below!

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chef_bai/

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Donna Jean: https://donnajeanrestaurant.com/

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