221: The Coolest Guy in SEO

with Kris Reid


Are you looking to grow your vegan business? Kris Reid is the founder and CEO of Ardor SEO; the digital agency that increases search rankings for vegan and animal activism pages, with the goal of converting traffic to product sales, newsletter signups and awareness.

Kris has been known as the "Coolest guy in SEO", but he hasn't always had this reputation. He once studied software engineering at the Queensland University of Technology, and later found himself working in finance in London, England. When the financial crisis hit, he lost his job and headed back to Australia, which began the start of his interest in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

In this episode, Kris explains what SEO is and how we can use it to our advantage to grow our vegan businesses.

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More about Ardor SEO:

With offices in Australia, Cambodia and the Philippines, Ardor SEO has the team to support you and bring you closer to the goals you have for your website.

Ardor SEO offers high-end services across the globe. Most of their clients are in Australia, USA and the United Kingdom, but it doesn’t matter where you are, they will look after you like the VIP you are.

Don’t let your competition dominate your niche or industry. You’ve worked too hard and deserve your cake. Have a friendly, no pressure, no obligation chat with them so they can give you some real ideas on what it’s going to take to get your site right where you want it for a whole swag of your keywords.

As they say, "You really have nothing to lose but a whole truckload to gain!"

SEO, and all that it entails, is what they do; they live it 24/7 because they love it and really want to show you all their cool moves.

All it takes is for you to make contact and one of their super friendly, but slightly nerdy, team will answer all your questions and maybe even throw in some cool freebies!

Some Services Provided by Ardor SEO: 

Reputation Engineering:

When you first heard the term Reputation Engineering, you likely had a light bulb moment, those two words are so much more powerful, innovative and cutting edge than Reputation Management which is what you most commonly hear.

Ardor has coined the phrase "Reputation Engineering" because they want to not just try to manage any damage to your reputation, but to engineer your reputation. They want to fully control, engineer and manage the responses to reputation attacks and to build in armor plating so it’s much more difficult for the bad guys to hurt you in the future.

Their skills, tools and expertise in this specialized area have been honed on the fierce battlegrounds of U.S. Class Actions..

Authority Marketing:

Search engines and Google in particular love what they describe as “Authority”. When you have a think about it and understand where they are coming from, relying on authority is a pretty darned good idea.

In simple terms they believe that sites or pages with Authority can be trusted and believed more than those pages or sites with no authority. It should go without saying but I feel compelled to say; authority sites rank highly.

Search Engine Optimization:

A complete and detailed analysis of your website, including: Internal Broken Links, External Broken Links, Orphan URLs, Long URLs, Duplicate URLs, Internal Duplicate Content, Duplicate Meta Data, External Duplicate Content, Mobile Friendly Responsiveness, Content Review, Landing Page Review, Meta Data Review, SiteMap, Breadcrumbs and more. Get your SEO audit now! 

For more information on services provided by Ardo, visit: https://ardorseo.com/

Happy Cow: https://www.happycow.net/ 
Plant Based News: https://www.plantbasednews.org/ 
Rob Banks: https://www.instagram.com/rob__banks/ 

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