217: Powerhaus Pizza

with Anisha Blodgett


Anisha Blodgett is vegetarian and has an avid passion for fitness and overall wellness. She was ultimately inspired to further develop her own personal recipes for some of her favorite foods (like pizza), while still maintaining a healthy diet.

Thus, Powerhaus was born; the Pacific Beach superfood pizza and smoothie joint with a twist on traditional menus. Powerhaus also offers nourishing wraps, salads and kombucha on tap. Plus, check out their special Veganuary menu for the month of January!

Also, go into Powerhaus, ask for Anisha and mention you heard the podcast :-)

Powerhaus Pizza:

Website: https://www.powerhauspizza.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/powerhauspizza/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PowerhausPizza/

More About Powerhaus Pizza:

At Powerhaus, eating well is more than a green salad that is x-, y- and z-free. Eating well is about enhancing food to its highest potential. Eating well is about being creative and developing a sustainable diet that we crave.

Anisha Blodgett created Powerhaus while seeking sustainable ways to live healthy. For her, that means finding solutions to enhance her favorite foods vs. eliminating them completely or feeling guilty about eating them. When she took pizza making into her own hands, the idea for Powerhaus was born.

Anisha worked closely with Dr. Emily Poccia of Wildcraft Medicine to ensure she used nutrient dense superfoods and sourced high-quality ingredients. Anisha’s business is built around wellness education, fostering community, and creating customer experiences.

Powerhaus’ in-store team was carefully selected based on passion, a desire for excellence, and the ability to make our guests happy!

They've created recipes to maximize the nutritional benefit and to ensure the highest quality. They have even introduced superfoods and plant-based protein into their pizzas, smoothies, and salads. They source organic California tomatoes and fresh produce.


They also offer a vegan cashew mozzarella and a non-GMO vegan “chicken” option. They have four crust choices, each with their own benefits. The whole-grain crust is enhanced with plant-based protein and omega-3 rich healthy fats, resulting in 17g of fiber, 66g net carbs, and 31g of protein in the crust alone. The garlic herb is a made with additive-free organic flour and elevated with spices. The gluten-free white crust includes 13g of plant-based protein and is gluten-free. The third crust option is cauliflower-based. low-carb, and gluten-free.

Powerhaus also offers catering to parties, corporate events or work meetings. They've got pizzas for a diverse group of guests, including vegan, vegetarians, the health-conscious, the gluten-free folks, and the traditional pizza lovers.

Click the Contact us link to book catering directly through them. Alternatively, you can book your catering through Office Express, EZ Cater, and Grubhub for Work.

Their catering menu includes 14” garlic herb pizzas, available exclusively for large orders made in advance, for both pickup and delivery.


They also offer pizza party packages including combinations of pizzas, salads, and wraps. They also offer mini smoothies and kombuchas to enhance your event with unique and nourishing beverages.


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