213: The Vegan Warehouse

with Carl and Ewelina


Carl and Ewelina founded The Vegan Warehouse in 2017 after Ewelina struggled to find vegan alternatives to her household staples. After years of frustration, then later partnering with Carl, the powerful duo created the marketplace themselves!

In this episode, both Carl and Ewelina share their completely different paths to veganism, as well as how their paths have changed over the years. They also talk about how they choose which brands they work with and how they minimize environmental pollution with better shipping methods. Plus, TVW supports Catskill Animal Sanctuary by donating a portion of their sales from the website!

The Vegan Warehouse:

Website: https://www.theveganwarehouse.com/ 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theveganwarehouse/ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheVeganWarehouse/ 

More About The Vegan Warehouse:

They believe in providing affordable vegan products in all life categories. Their mission is to create an all-encompassing marketplace that simplifies and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Why Shop Vegan?

TVW believes that veganism is a lifestyle which goes far beyond just diet; it encompasses the choices in everyday products such as personal care, clothing, or household essentials.

A majority of the personal care items currently on the market are both tested on animals and contain animal by-products. All products available at The Vegan Warehouse are free of any animal-derived ingredients and are never tested on animals.

How to Sell on The Vegan Warehouse:

At The Vegan Warehouse, they are always looking for new exciting products to add to their vegan marketplace! They'd love to hear what you have to offer and bring it to their customers. 

To submit your brand or product for review, please apply via email with the following information:

- The story of your brand and products

- Relevant links to your website and social media

- Your wholesale pricing, minimums, lead times

- Your current distribution 

Email the above to ewelina@theveganwarehouse.com to be considered.


If interested, please apply by sending an email with the following information:

- Your store name and industry

 - Your current product / brand mix

- Relevant links to your website and social media

- Which products you are interested in carrying

Email the above to ewelina@theveganwarehouse.com 

Common Non-Vegan Ingredients, hidden in products:

Glycerin - obtained from animal fat, this is a common ingredient in soaps, hair care, and moisturizers.

Shellac - obtained from lac bugs, this product is used in nail polish and hair spray

Casein - derived from cow's milk, this ingredient is prevalent in hair conditioners and face masks. 

Stearic Acid - obtained from pigs' stomachs, it is commonly found in deodorants and moisturizers. 

Collagen - derived from animal tissue, bone, or ligaments, this ingredient is used in anti-aging products. 

Leather - used to manufacture handbags, shoes and accessories, most leather is obtained unethically and greatly contributes to the suffering of animals.

Tallow - rendered beef fat, often used in detergent and candles.
Benzoic Acid - obtained from animal vertebrates, a common ingredient in perfumes. 

Boar Bristles - hog hair, used to make toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and body brushes. 

Fatty Acids - a mixture of animal fat used in many cleaning products.   

Catskill Animal Sanctuary: https://casanctuary.org/ 

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