202: World Vegan Travel

with Brighde Reed


Brighde Reed is one half of the duo that created World Vegan Travel; the all vegan travelling program that takes the stress out of big trips! Don't worry about checking ingredients, or verifying if an animal sanctuary is legit, because Brighde and her team has done all the work for you!

In this episode, Brighde tells her personal vegan story and also gives a few tips and trips on how to not only go vegan while away from home, but how to travel in a more eco-friendly, low-waste way!

World Vegan Travel:
Website: https://www.worldvegantravel.com/ 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/worldvegantravel/ 
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/worldvegantravel 
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbD9lX2V7-cQogVfBlSMe8A?view_as=subscriber 

More about World Vegan Travel:

They Spoil You!

World Vegan Travel runs a high-quality and high-value worldwide adventures for vegans and vegan-friendly travelers.   Expect special treatment like private tours, your own boats, exclusive breakfast buffets, and much more.

Travel with Like-Minded People:

No more having to explain where you get your protein!  World Vegan Travel trips truly are a holiday from being the “vegan in the room”.  Traveling with people who share your values is incredible and really leads to life-long friendships.

Personal and Professional:

The team makes it personal from the very first email to the moment they meet you on Day 1.  From daily briefings to their leaders' constant availability, their mantra is simple: ensuring you have the best trip of your life.

Are You a Vegan Influencer?

World Vegan Travel is looking to work with you! They create an exciting itinerary that aligns with your brand and take care of all the planning and logistics.You bring your people, relax, create new content, and enjoy the time with your tribe!

Have you built a community of people who look to you for inspiration?

Do you interact with your tribe regularly through social media?

Do you want to give your tribe exclusive access by giving them the opportunity to travel with you in luxury to exotic locations around the world?

Do you want to bring exciting new content to your audience?

Do you want to do all that while enjoying vegan food and activities that align with your values?

Contact World Vegan Travel Here to learn more!

Interested in a Trip with Colleen Patrick Goudreau?

A recognized expert and thought leader on the culinary, social, ethical, and practical aspects of living vegan, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is an award-winning author of six books.  She is an acclaimed speaker and beloved host of the inspiring podcast, “Food for Thought," which was voted Favorite Podcast by VegNews magazine readers several years in a row, including in 2016!   

​Her compassionate living philosophy is propelling plant-based eating into the mainstream and forever changing how we regard animals.  ​​

Of course, her beloved husband David accompanies her on all our once-in-a-lifetime trips.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and World Vegan Travel work closely together to create CPG VEGAN TRIPS, which are specifically curated by Colleen to ensure the high quality that she has come to be known for.  ​All trips include activities and dedicated time with Colleen, such as Q&A session, round-table discussions, sharing, and more, as well as an emphasis in visiting vetted animal sanctuaries, shelters and/or rescue centers.  ​It also gives you the chance to travel and explore the world vegan-style with Colleen!​.

For more information on CPG Trips, click Here

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