197: Plant-Based Addict

with Adam Sud


In 2012, Adam Sud’s life was completely out of control. Once weighing nearly 350lbs and struggling with multiple addictions, serious chronic diseases, and mental health disorders. His life nearly came to an end when he attempted suicide by drug overdose.

He checked into rehab and with the help of his parents and a plant-based diet, he began a journey that led to a remarkable recovery. Adam is now a diabetes and food addiction coach for Mastering Diabetes; a program that focuses on reversing insulin resistance to master type 1, Type 1.5, pre-diabetes, and type 2 diabetes using low fat, whole food, plant-based nutrition.

He also works with Engine 2 and Whole Foods Market’s Total Health Immersion Team. He is an international speaker for the plant-based movement and addiction recovery movement. Adam has worked in recovery centers using plant-based nutrition as a tool for strengthening recovery and relapse prevention.

Adam is also the founder of the non-profit, Plant-Based for Positive Change that is dedicated to advancing the research of diet and mental health / addiction and is running the very first research study to investigate the effects of a plant based diet intervention on early addiction recovery outcomes. He firmly believes that the simplest change on your fork make the most profound change of your life and that self-love is the root of all recovery.

Adam's Links:

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/plantbasedaddict 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plantbasedaddict 


The INFINITE Study is a groundbreaking research study exploring the effects of implementing a nutrient-dense diet and nutrition education in early addiction recovery.

The team has partnered with an addiction recovery facility in Austin, TX, where participants will undergo a 10 week intervention through both inpatient and outpatient settings, and then complete follow-up assessments up through one year.

They are exploring the effects of a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet on physical health, mental health, and resilience in addiction recovery.

The study is scheduled to begin September 2019 and continue through August 2021.

To date, there has never been a study testing the effects of a dietary intervention on addiction recovery outcomes.

The findings from prior research studies show that :
(1) In general, addiction treatment centers that include nutrition services have enhanced recovery outcomes;
(2) Providing healthy meals and teaching nutrition education in addiction treatment centers can be effective in improving dietary behaviors, body mass index, and waist circumference
(3) Food plays an important role in the course of recovery and can benefit or hinder the recovery process based on the context, and this role changes over time.
Using these previous studies as a foundation, we are expanding upon the existing literature by building in more complex research questions regarding the role of nutrition in addiction recovery.

Not only has a study never explored the potential association between nutrition and resilience in recovery, but no study has ever used a plant-based diet, which they anticipate will promote enhanced physical and mental health outcomes due to its high nutrient-density.


For more information, check out their Go Fund Me page at: http://www.gofundme.com/infinite-study 


Plant-Based for Positive Change:
Website: http://www.plantbasedforpositivechange.org

Mastering Diabetes:


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