192: Anonymous for the Voiceless

with Asal Alamdari


Asal Alamdari is the Co-Founder and Director of Anonymous for the Voiceless; an international group of people sharing standard practice factory farm footage while wearing masks and standing in square-like formations, better known as Cubes of Truth.

As a child, Asal witnessed the ceremonial practice of lamb slaughter on the streets of Iran, which provoked the idea that she would never again consume lamb.

Years later, Asal came across a video of a fur farm, which prompted her to do something about animal cruelty. With her partner Paul, Asal co-founded Anonymous for the Voiceless, and today, the organization has over 1000 chapters and has hosted over 15,000 events worldwide!

Find or create a chapter: https://www.anonymousforthevoiceless.org/join
To donate: https://www.anonymousforthevoiceless.org/donate
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anonymousforthevoiceless/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anonymousforthevoiceless
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVyFsShPxE86Wp1l9hJjBqg

More about Anonymous for the Voiceless:

What is a Cube of Truth?


AV has successfully organized hundreds of AV chapters worldwide, all holding regular Cube of Truth demonstrations. Every Cube is made up of the same core structure. They split our Cubes into two teams; a Cube team and an outreach team.


The Cube team is the non-interactive part of the Cube of Truth demonstration. Wearing one of the highly recognizable Anonymous masks, each person in the Cube holds either one of our TRUTH signs or a device that plays graphic and powerful footage of animal exploitation. The volunteers who make up the Cube team remain silent and statuesque for the duration they are in the Cube, resulting in a compelling and eye-catching static art piece. Members of the public approach in order to learn the truth about how non-human animals are enslaved at the hands of humans worldwide.


The outreach team of an AV Cube demonstration engages with the public by asking interested onlookers questions about the footage they are looking at. The footage shown in our Cubes helps bring the power of change back to the individual. It taps into onlookers’ emotions by shedding light to injustices from the victim’s point of view. The Cube outreach team encourages onlookers to open their minds and question their behaviors about what they are supporting with their purchases. Our Cube outreach teams are equipped with informative resources and the ability to initiate hardline discussions.


Both sides of the Cube are powerful for everyone involved. Being in a cube wearing a mask and watching people’s reactions has a large emotional component, as does directly participating in outreach. The simplicity and effectiveness of our demonstrations have successfully convinced hundreds of thousands of people so far to take the cause seriously. We keep a tally of these numbers at each of our events.

In addition to Cubes, AV participates in other forms of street activism through outreach workshops, conferences, and events. We spread the truth to hundreds of thousands of combined followers on social media.

Why the Mask?

The mask has been used by Anonymous, as well as by thousands of others around the world in recent history, as a unifying symbol against the forces that still promote discrimination, corruption, injustice and oppression in any form in our society today.

By wearing the mask, activists are together with the trillions of animals that are unnecessarily exploited and killed every year by the globalised animal-food industries.

Back in 2016, when establishing the very first actions of AV in Melbourne, Australia. The choice of mask for Paul Bashir and Asal Alamdari seemed obvious since the mask represents a global movement in the current century that is in alignment with the values of the organisation they wanted to create.

The mask stands for stamping out oppression, it represents the fight for truth, it is against all sorts of injustice and discrimination, thus against speciesism as well.

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