181: The Greenbaum Foundation

with Jim Greenbaum


Jim Greenbaum has been interested in resolving injustices that exist in our society since he was a child in Louisiana. When he was a young adult, he had the idea of combating some of these issues legally, by attending law school. At the last minute, Jim decided to switch to a business major, with the idea that he could make a larger impact that way.

Thankfully, Jim was far from wrong. After a few "practice" attempts at business, Jim was able to reach a goal to help support organizations dealing with human rights, and later added a focus on animal rights.

Today, Jim has successfully supported numerous organizations, including Animal Equality, Earthling Ed, The Humane League, The Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine, as well as documentaries such as Game Changers, What the Health and Cowspiracy (to name a few)!

For more information about Jim or the organizations he supports, please visit http://www.greenbaumfoundation.com
For documentaries mentioned in this podcast, visit: https://www.vegandanielle.com/learnmore
For tickets to The Game Changers screening: https://gamechangersmovie.com/

* Correction: At around 33:10 I mentioned that 80% of Americans are obese or overweight. According to healthdata.org, it's 75% of men and 60% of women that are classified as either overweight or obese.

More about The Greenbaum Foundation:

"At The Greenbaum Foundation, we focus our funding on effective and efficient projects working to bring about the end of suffering (human and non-human) in areas of the highest need and where we can have the most impact. We assist organizations with guidance, networking and funding.

Our planet and human health are in a state of crisis. One of the biggest contributors is the food that most people choose to put on their plates. With more than 70 billion land animals, and trillions of fish being killed annually for food, the suffering is incalculable, and the negative consequences for human health, the environment and climate are overwhelming.

Thus, while during our early years the foundation focused on human rights, we’ve shifted to now address the current crisis by concentrating our efforts on moving the world to whole foods plant based diets and ending factory farming. Our portfolio also includes projects aimed at increasing the awareness, protection and improvement of the lives of all animals. While we applaud the work of many sanctuaries, we do not fund in that sector.

­­­In the human rights arena, we still fund a limited number of organizations focused on abolishing all forms of modern-day slavery; ending child marriage, female genital cutting, gender based violence, and barriers preventing women from having equal rights; fighting child abuse, neglect, and the trafficking of children and youth for sex and labor; and stopping forced prostitution.

Established in 1991, the Foundation became fully operational in 1999, and has been funded by Jim Greenbaum, its Managing Director. Working alongside Jim in managing the Foundation is Meghan O’Brien Lowery. The combined grants of the Foundation and Jim Greenbaum total in excess of 45 million dollars, and have funded a wide range of projects all over the world.  Annual grant-making is in excess of four million dollars. The Foundation does not seek donations from the public; nor does it or Jim Greenbaum accept unsolicited proposals for funding." - The Greenbaum Foundation

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