150: Peace by Vegan

with Ryuji Chua


Ryuji Chua is an animal rights activist and content creator with millions of YouTube video views. Just like most of us, Ryuji did not grow up vegan; in fact he states that he assumed he would be eating eggs for breakfast for the rest of his life. Then, a few years ago, Ryuji made the connection between his breakfast choices, and the impact they were having on the animals and the environment.

In this episode, Ryuji shares his own transformational story and gives us some tips on how to peacefully and lovingly talk to others, even under the most stressful of situations.

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More about Ryuji (from Green Veganista):

What inspired you to become vegan?

It was an ethical decision. Once I understood what happens to the animals in slaughterhouses, I could not contribute to that any longer.  

Going vegan was something I did as part of my larger journey towards self actualization as a person.  When I was younger, I was very introverted.  I never smiled and was generally apathetic.  In high school, I discovered some people online who I looked up to, who told me that if I want to take control of my life, I can.  I realized that I can create anything if I take personal responsibility for my life.  This was a very empowering thought for me.

For months and months, I spent hours immersing myself in the world of personal development – reading books, listening to audio books, watching YouTube.  This shifted my mindset from being a ‘leaf in the wind’ to being in control of my life.  I realized that I needed to educate myself and be open to being wrong, to becoming a better person, to growing.

I began reading a book that was a huge wake up call for me  – “Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari.  The book talks about history and makes many great points.  The author also brings up the standard practices of the animal agriculture industry, which was shocking to learn what happens to animals.  Often, male chicks are killed the first day of their lives while female chicks are mutilated and face terrible lives of misery.  Pigs get killed around six months old and on and on. 

Before this, I never realized that my daily actions contributed to innocent animals being abused and killed.  Having grown up in Paris, France, I ate a lot of meat, dairy and eggs every day.  Breakfast for me was always eggs and buttered toast.  I loved it.  But after facing the truth about what happens to animals, I made a conscious effort to change how I eat.  That was four years ago.

I realized just because eating meat, dairy and eggs has been ‘normalized’ in our society doesn’t make it ok.  If something is wrong, I’m not going to take part in it.  I’m not going to eat food that costs the life of an animal.  That is something that is completely outside of my value system.  

Being vegan aligns with my values.  And I enjoy becoming a better version of myself.

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